Filipino Vegetarian Recipes

The vegetable market in Baguio - photograph from a postcard © Rene Thalmann

Vegetarian Recipes from Lyn Francisco

This collection of recipes comes from Lyn Francisco who used to be active in posting at soc.culture.filipino back in the early 1990s. I asked her to send me some recipes so I could put them up in a webpage. This webpage originally appeared in 1994. Note: some of these recipes are NOT strictly vegan.

From Lyn Francisco Mon Jun 5 20:35 CDT 1995

Subject: Re: Another cookbook suggestion

Here are the veg recipes, finally. I hope you can use them. Attributions made where appropriate.

Some Filipino veg dishes. Most of these are either my creations or adaptations from various cookbooks, all of which will be attributed, of course =). Note: not all dishes are vegan. Some are ovo (meaning including eggs) and others suggest patis as a flavouring. (Patis is a sauce made from fish drippings, similar to nuoc nam of Vietnam. It can be bought from any Asian stores. - Ken.)

The Menu

I hope this is enough to start the Filipino veg section. And, I hope you can use this for your web page. Thanks a lot.

Lyn Francisco
Graduate Student
Clark University, Dept. of Chemistry
Contributions welcome.

Thank you Lyn!

Other Filipino Vegetable Recipes

Please omit meat/seafood if vegetarian)

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